About me

Hello you,

My name is Petra and I´m a 30-year-old girl from this lovely little northern country called Finland. I like sunshine, sweaty workouts, lemons, high heels and sneakers, crazy roller coaster rides, spicy food, Disney movies and bookstores. Traveling, yoga, music and goofing around with my family and friends get me super excited.

I am a semi-health nut and feel my best when eating clean. Fooling the sugar-freak part in me is at times a big challenge though 🙂

It´s pretty clear I´m a work in progress trying to find balance in a world full of options. You may find me splurging on ice cream or busting my butt off at the gym or the yoga studio. Those are just some of the things that make me feel good. Let’s remember we’re all on a different journey, which means different goals and paths. Hope you find some inspiration for yours in my stories.

I think happiness is best realized when shared. With this blog I wanted to create a positive space of things dear and important to me.

And since some of you might ask, yes, I have a kick-ass sister named Kiira. She’s a professional athlete and my role model when it comes to devotion and passion. She’s a tough cookie and gives me the world’s best heartbeats.
Go and have a look what she’s up to.

Lots of love,